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Sportbike Ride to Niagara Falls

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This was supposed to be another ride to remember for 2010. In a way, it turned out to be exactly that, but not for the reasons we wanted.

We left MD burbs around 830 am. Niagara was almost exactly 500 miles away via back roads. This was not going to be easy considering the heat and my riding rustiness.

    We did not make many stops. We back tracked a little here and there following the GPS, but not too much. Notice my splendid packing job (just my book bag) vs my riding partner’s packing job.

  • On this 4th of July weekend, this sign in particular bothered me.

  • We grabbed quick lunch at Subway somewhere around Lancaster. Does this look odd to anyone else?

  • We passed though an area that had a lot of small oil wells. It’s sort of interesting. I think I read somewhere that the payoff for these wells is about 2-3 years. After that, it’s all profit. It’s must be nice to look outside your window and see money being made for you.

  • We made a few quick stops for gas, and otherwise kept on a very tight schedule. Then, about 20 miles outside Niagara, varglesnarg’s bike dies! We do our best to identify the problem and even manage to bump start it one time. But this sounds like a very bad engine issue and the bike does not start again. This bike is not going anywhere.

  • Well, at least the breakdown location isn’t too bad. Check out the background…

  • Not much to be said here. The bike is put away as we figure out what to do next.

  • It didn’t take long before we run into a very helpful local. This man went above and beyond helping us out. Not only did he give varglesnarg a ride to Buffalo, but we also drove around Buffalo to different car rental places around town looking for a suitable tow vehicle.

  • Of course everything was closed at this point, or sold out of good pickups/vans/etc. This is the best we could do.

  • Will the bike fit?

  • Big props to Chuck for all the help.

  • Now that varglesnarg has a new four wheel ride, we can continue on our trip. hehe.

  • As we approach the Falls, we see all the 4th of July celebrations taking place.

  • Finally, we reach Niagara Falls.

  • I wonder what the penalty is for climbing over the railing to get on the rocks and take the most epic Niagara photo ever?

  • We try to grab dinner at this place, but it just closed. Not really surprised.

  • The next day, near the bikes.

  • Ultimately, we decide against loading the bike in the back of the Subaru. varglesnarg calls on reinforcements to come with a trailer, and I end up riding home alone.

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July 7th, 2010 at 6:15 am

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