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Cockfighting Learning & Exhibition Centre is located about 12km North of Chiang Mai. It is hard to find because of lack of signs, but it is worth it. The Centre has a lot of cockfighting related artifacts, documents, and exhibits as well as an operating breeding and training facility.

Roosters from this farm are sold all over Thailand as well as abroad. Biggest foreign demand is from Philippines (not surprising) and Hawaii (somewhat surprising). Fight ready roosters cost from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.


  • This water barrier is apparently supposed to stop the spread of bird flu.

  • Training pen.

  • Training regiment notes.

  • Future fighter.

  • The day starts with basic wash and feather care.

  • Various medicines and supplements. Some of these are your typical GNC products and some are traditional and herbal oncoctions.

  • As far as roosters go, these really are some of the nicest looking ones I have ever seen. They are completely tame and used to being handled by humans. Their breastplate takes the most abuse in a fight. When you touch it you can feel tough scar tissue.

  • Roosters are forced to swim for quite a long time each day so they develop strong muscular legs.

  • To practice fighting, roosters are put into this sling in a ring against a free rooster.

Fighting takes place in a relatively large pit.


  • In Thailand, they don’t use metal spears. At most venues, the claws actually have three layers of masking tape. This makes fights much longer. While they eventually still get bloody, roosters have a good chance of survival. Under Thai rules, endurance is very important.

A couple of videos from the demostration fights. The audio is worth listening to as well.

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